A 1950’s Housecoat

I became obsessed recently with making a 50’s style housecoat with a very full skirt, like this one:

From Good Housekeeping magazine 1955

And this one, which I got from EBay:

I love this but then fabric is thin and sheer.

I really wanted to make one with quilted cotton like the first inspiration picture, and for a while I thought I would quilt my own cotton which sounded like a big pain in the you-know-what. Then, on a random Joann fabric run, I came across their quilted cotton section and found this amazingness!

It’s double sided!!

I had also thought About using my various vintage patterns to draft my own pattern, but then I found this one on Etsy at a not too bad price. Worth it to have it all laid out for me!

And it’s EXACTLY what I want in every way!

So, with the perfect pattern and perfect fabric in hand, I set out to create my dream housecoat! I knew that since it was double-sided I would not have to mess with cutting interfacings – so that was nice. It did require me to wing it with the collar, but I think I did ok.

The collar and bound edges.

Because The fabric is quilted and has a layer of batting in between each side, it was just as much of a pain to work with as doing a regular quilt. Especially because the housecoat’s skirt itself is so big!

I treated it as I would a quilt while sewing; rolling the big edges under my machine to work with all the bulk.

At first I was also going to make a tie instead of messing with Buttons, but the instructions had me leaving spaces open in the waist line for buttonholes. This was super easy, so I went with it. I did have to run back to the fabric store to get the buttons I wanted, as I didn’t have any in my vintage button stash.

The perfect buttons

All that work was worth it! The inside looks beautiful and it’s a gorgeous house coat to swan around the house in!

The beautiful inner details.
My daughter wanted her picture on the blog. 🙂
The finished product! Beautiful and warm.

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