Emergency Avengers skirts

During a Friday night 3:00 AM “think session” (don’t you just love those?), I decided that I HAD to make an outfit to wear to wear to see the Avengers on Sunday – HAD to. One of those ideas that you just can’t get out of your head. A simple elastic skirt should be easy, I just had to find the time Saturday to do it in-between all of our activities. Totally doable, right?

So, my first thought upon waking was to not deal with Joann’s and just use what I had, but that would not make it a quick project so off I went- luckily the cutting line was non-existent and I was in and out quickly with these fabrics (oh yeah, I decided to make one for my daughter too):

The skirts came together pretty quickly, as they were just single seam, elastic casing waists. I don’t usually go for elastic waists since they can look bunchy- but for an “emergency” project it’s perfect! The only issue on mine is I cut it too short so I had to add a bias strip for the hem- but I actually am please with the way it looks!

And of COURSE why not make more work for myself and whip up some Captain America headbands? Being a crafty hoarder means you have lots of felt and plastic headbands around..

Modeling our cute headbands

Ta-DA!! All in all, took about 2 1/2 hours for everything and now we are “extra” for the movie!

(Maybe a little too extra ha!)

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